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  Vittoriosa - Malta Map

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Avance Gate  (99766 bytes)

Notre Dame, or Bieb Is-Sultan or Zabbar Gate   (102633 bytes) Bust of Cottoner in Noter Dame Gate  (125422 bytes) Port of Gallleys, a film is being proccessed   (106952 bytes)
Avance Gate Notre Dame Gate Bust of Cottoner port of galleys
The Inquisitor Palace    (96485 bytes) Birgu French Post   (102764 bytes) Gurard House at Fort Saint Angelo     (79297 bytes) Saint John Tower, Birgu Boy's Scouts Headquarters   (109686 bytes)
The Inquisitor Palace The French Post Guard House Saint John's Tower
Salvatore Gate entering Kalkara  (108980 bytes) Knights Hall     (128256 bytes) The two Oratories(104109 bytes) Tower at Fort Saint Angelo   (79222 bytes)
Tas-Salvatur Gate The Knights Hall holy crucifix saint Joseph oratories Tower at Fort Saint Angelo
Oratory of the Holy Crucifix   (102476 bytes) Oratory of St Joseph   (75563 bytes) The Blessed Virgin Chapel at Fort Saint Angelo  (114213 bytes)
Oratory Holy Crucifix oratory Saint Joseph Blessed Virgin Chapel fort Saint Angelo